Project Description

Case: Zuivelhoeve

Social media management: Incredibly tasty content

For several years now, we have been unburdening the Zuivelhoeve completely from their social media management. A briefing takes place every year: how do we present ourselves online, and how can we engage with the supporters? Zuivelhoeve has new product introductions every year, which have to be promoted, and an additional 50 shops with delightful delicacies.

Take your moment. Because Zuivelhoeve yoghurt is delightful, healthy and incredibly tasty for every moment: after exercising or when taking a moment for yourself. Not only the yoghurt is incredibly tasty, the online content is too. This makes it possible to take a moment for yourself on the online channels too, by letting yourself be surprised by delicious recipes and fun interactive content.

Various ‘content pillars’ form the base of the monthly reoccurring content themes. Engagement continues to be KPI #1, keeping the focus on generating interaction with various target groups.

The results are best seen on the social pages of Zuivelhoeve themselves.

Case: Casillero del Diablo

Social media management: Incredibly tasty content.

D-reizen social media management

How we gave a slightly outdated travel comparator a solid boost by changing the entire online marketing.


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