Video formats

Showing very specific target groups, on a big scale, for maybe even 30 minutes, with a nuanced message: this can only be done with the use of video formats.

Video formats can achieve that what TV, print and traditional social media can’t. C2B has years of experience with the development of branded YouTube series, video formats and other branded content.

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Case: ZorgisZó

How a video format surpassed all targets and even got youth thinking about pensions.

How do the Netherlands “borrel”?

How we developed a market leading dip with a surprising, branded YouTube-series.

Case: PFZW Design Awards

How we involved TU Delft students in innovating the care sector with a video format.

Case: D-Jacht (D-Hunt)

How we got the whole of the Netherlands under our spell (and off their feet!) with four livestreams.


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