Project Description

Case: ZorgisZó

How a video format caught the interest of youth into pensions more than ever seen before.

In a 4-part mini-series, care workers switched jobs. Authentic content shows how diverse the branch is and how the care or welfare workers contribute a vital Netherlands. We managed to indirectly involve youth (73% coverage ratio!) in their pension fund. This was never managed before to this extent in the pension sector!

With a 4-part mini-series, we can truly show how diverse the branch is, but also how people in our society contribute daily towards a more vital Netherlands. And… we can do this in a very engaging and fun way!

The series was received very well by the sector. No less than 963.325 people were reached with the episodes about various channels, trailers and additional associated content. The target group consists of 200.000 people, which means an extremely high coverage ratio was achieved. The 4 episodes have been viewed a whopping 1.110.000 times. These numbers are possible, because 63% has watched the episodes to the end (!). In total, 724.135 minutes were viewed.

Case: D-jacht

Hoe we met vier livestreams heel Nederland in de ban hielden (en in de benen kregen!)

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