Project Description

Case: HBN

One of the Netherlands’ first branded YouTube-series about a new cream dip that became the market leader.

HEKS’NKAAS® is the cream cheese to have with your ‘borrel’ (= casual drinks with snacks). ‘Borrelen’, which cannot be translated into English, is what us Dutch people do in our own way. Gamers, famous Dutch people and students: they all ‘borrel’ differently. With a 10-part series, we delivered a YouTube-series which had TV-like results, with only a fraction of the budget!

Create a big reach, but in a ‘rich’ way, which fits HEKS’NKAAS® and provides enough space to tell the story of HEKS’NKAAS®.
Food bloggers and fans of the first hour cannot be forgotten in the concept.

We drive around the country with a pimped old-timer and make a 10-part YouTube-series about how the Netherlands does ‘borrels’. In the series, we work together with food bloggers and influencers, to increase the qualitative viewing figures.

We met up with fans, food bloggers and various ‘borrels’ in our country. How do gamers ‘borrel’? And BN’ers (famous Dutch people)? Or students, hockey players and fans of the first hour on their wedding day?

With a limited media buy-in (35.000 euros), we reached a range of 19 million people, of which 3 million were unique. More than 679.000 people watched the 10×10 minute long episode all the way through.

Case: D-jacht

Hoe we met vier livestreams heel Nederland in de ban hielden (en in de benen kregen!)