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Case: D-Reizen social

Case: D-Reizen social

Social media management: the 360-approach on the online marketing of D-reizen

We developed an online strategy for D-reizen and carried this out with a big success. The account concerned the social media content, the ongoing campaigns and bigger actions. Through the 3H model (Hero, Hub and Hygiene), we brought down the CPConversion with a factor of 16 and through various fun video formats with influencers, we reached many, many people.

D-reizen in the #1 travel comparator of the Netherlands. D-reizen stumbles upon challenges when trying to reach the youth, who are not so easily caught by the use of TV. A professional approach for online, such as social media, and influencer marketing is needed, to label the brand name as ‘fun’ and to lead traffic towards the shops or online offers.

Through the Hero, Hub and Hygiene methodologies, we developed the content to reach people in the right way (touch), tell people about D-reizen and their key values (tell) and book Last Minutes or interact in different ways (sell).

For Instagram and Facebook, separate strategies were developed, about who is reached with which content. Multiple times a year, we distribute videoformats: TV-programmes, but converted for social (YouTube, Instagram and Facebook). And occasionally, we did an online campaign to bring the Last Minutes to people’s attention. In the meantime, we continued to generate conversions, by (re-)targeting people with ‘flat’ advertisements. All with success, since the accounts grew substantially in number of followers and after only 3 months the CPConversion decreased with a factor of 16!

The impact is big. For the results we would like to refer you to cases that were a part of the year strategy. Such as this campaign: D-Spelen (D-Games) or the video format D-Jacht (D-Hunt). See the teaser of more hub content for D-reizen in the banner video at the top.

Case: Casillero del Diablo

Social media management: Incredibly tasty content.

Case: Zuivelhoeve

Impossibly tasty content to die for.


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