Project Description

Case: PFZW Design Awards

Case: PFZW Design Awards

TU Delft students who innovate the care sector

In this popular YouTube-series, PFZW sheds light on one of the problems occurring in the care sector. In 3 episodes, technical students compete to tackle the outage and outflow in the care sector. Think of a The Voice meets Dragon’s Den, and the series PFZW Design Awards is what you get.

Als pensioenfonds wil PFZW uitval in de zorg tegengaan. Zonder prekend over te komen, wil het fonds laten zien dat ze betrokken zijn bij de situatie. Maar Nederlands’ grootste pensioenfonds kent een nóg grotere uitdaging: hoe breng je eigenlijk een boodschap aan de man als ‘saai pensioenfonds’?

In three episodes, we let the clever minds of the TU Delft come up with innovative ideas to get the care worker away from their desk more often. Add a competition element to this and voila! A YouTube success is born.

The YouTube-series is distributed through a carefully thought our media plan. The way trailers, teasers, pre-rolls and complete episodes are shown on different channels and to different target groups, is taken into account.

The PFZW Design Awards achieved results which the sector has never seen before, with 533.213 views and a ratio of 63% that watched the episodes all the way through.

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