Project Description

Case: D-Jacht (D-Hunt)

Case: D-Jacht (D-Hunt)

Video format D-Jacht: How 4 livestreams got the Netherlands under our spell.

The concept was simple: to win a holiday abroad, you would first have to travel through our own country, in search for a big orange button placed somewhere in the country. Every Saturday, we sent out the competition via a livestream, and this exciting format attracted almost 100.000 viewers! With a media buy-in of only 6.000 euros, it is a low-budget campaign, with the success of a bigger campaign.

Make sure that we are top-of-mind during the last-minute season and that we are perceived as fun.

For four weeks, every Saturday morning, a Facebook-livestream kicked off from an unknown location in the Netherlands. Tips were unlocked when people jointly generated comments, likes or views. The first person to find the location and press the button, won a travel cheque.

D-reizen stayed in line with what we had in mind, from content to realisation. This was to create a viral action, in a new, fun way. With almost 100.000 viewers, of which at least half is reached organically, we can definitely speak of a viral.

How do the Netherlands “borrel”?

How we developed a market leading dip with a surprising, branded YouTube-series.

Case: PFZW Design Awards

How we involved TU Delft students in innovating the care sector with a video format.

Case: Bijenkorf

How we evolved the Bijenkorf into the most special Airbnb in the Netherlands.

Case: Bamigo

Ongoing campagnes for Bamigo.

Case: The Spar hot air balloon

How we captivated the internet with a livestream of the biggest, flying shopping basket of the Netherlands


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