Project Description

Case: Bijenkorf Bee&bee

Case: Bijenkorf Bee&bee

Activation: Bijenkorf Bee&Bee

Enjoy the Bijenkorf all by yourself for one night, including a personal shopper, a king size bed and a private breakfast made by the well-known ‘pastry chef’: this all became reality for a group of very fortunate people. Within 24 hours after the announcement, the Bee&Bee went viral and donations to save the bees from extinction came pouring in.

Rent out the branches of the Bijenkorf as Bed & breakfasts. The price you pay for an overnight night stay is €250, which ends up at Pollinators (a foundation that fights against the extinction of bees). The overnight stay includes a personal shopper after closing time and the entire department store for yourself.

Within 48 hours, the video had an organic reach of 300.000 views, which increased to more than 750.000 views and thousands of likes, shares and comments. The press got wind of it and the Bee&Bee was widely covered by het Parool, het AD, LINDA and Libelle. Naturally, the overnight stays were sold out quickly.

Case: Bamigo

Ongoing campagnes for Bamigo.

Case: The Spar hot air balloon

How we captivated the internet with a livestream of the biggest, flying shopping basket of the Netherlands


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