Project Description

Case: Bamigo

Ongoing campaigns for Bamigo

Bamigo quickly grew out to be one of the fastest growing web shops of the Netherlands. At the start, we took on the online branding and online converting of new target groups. After months of testing on different target groups, with different messages and designs, we keep optimizing, to reach very attractive CPConversions that lie far below the price of the average margin on an order. This way, considerable investments could be made, which resulted Bamigo to grow to be very successful.

Distributed social media content of which the focus lies in realising sales.

At the front of the Facebook page, qualitative content is shared, together with (funny) lines. At the back, dark post advertisements are implemented.

The exponential growth of the web shop cannot be expressed using percentages (since the starting point was 0).

After experimenting for half a year, click prices of around 5 euros were achieved, on an advertisement that leads to a sale, while the margin on these orders lies much higher. This allows the monthly agency fee and the additional costs for the media buy-in to be extracted from the sales directly.

Case: Bijenkorf

How we evolved the Bijenkorf into the most special Airbnb in the Netherlands.

Case: D-Jacht (D-Hunt)

How we got the whole of the Netherlands under our spell (and off their feet!) with four livestreams.

Case: The Spar hot air balloon

How we captivated the internet with a livestream of the biggest, flying shopping basket of the Netherlands


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